Spring 2018

Between January 2018 and March 2018 there were lots of fun and exciting events that happened in school! Pictures from these events can be seen below:

Reception Chicks – March 2018

Children in Foundation Stage enjoy looking at and looking after some baby chicks.

World Book Day – March 2018

Pyramid class celebrate World Book Day by making their own book characters out of potatoes!

Mayan Art – March 2018

Colosseum class attempt to create their own pieces of Mayan art.

Snow Fun! – February 2018

Uluru can enjoy the cold, snowy weather!

Foundation Stage Launchpad – February 2018

Uluru and Pyramid class launch their new topic by taking part in an ‘Egg Caraousel’.

Niagara Falls Launchpad – February 2018

Niagara Falls class launch their new topic.

Colosseum Launchpad – February 2018

Colosseum class launch their new topic.

Year 1 & 2 Launchpad – February 2018

Year 1 and 2 children launch their new topic based on The Great Fire Of London with a talk from the fire service and a re-enactment of the event itself!

Chinese Food Tasting – February 2018

Pyramid class enjoy tasting some Chinese food as part of their Chinese New Year celebrations.

Chinese New Year – February 2018

Uluru class enjoy taking part in Chinese New Year celebrations.

Girl’s Football – January 2018

Girls in Year 5 and 6 take part in a football competition against other teams in the local area.

Bug Hunt – January 2018

Dragon Bridge class enjoy going on a bug hunt around the school grouds.

Australia Launchpad – January 2018

Key Stage 1 children launch their new topic based around life in Australia.

Mayan Launchpad – January 2018

Mayan class launch their new topic.