Autumn 2017

Between September 2017 and December 2017 there were lots of fun and exciting events that happened in school! Pictures from these events can be seen below:

Yellowstone Snow Day – December 2017

Yellowstone class enjoy playing in the winter snow!

Colosseum Christmas Party – December 2017

Colosseum class enjoy their Christmas party!

Breakfast With Santa – December 2017

Children and their parents enjoy a special breakfast with Father Christmas himself!

Christmas Craft Morning – December 2017

Family and friends of Hawkinge Primary School come together to enjoy a morning making Christmas craft.

Homework Models – December 2017

Colosseum class share models they have made as part of their homework tasks.

Boogie Bounce – December 2017

Matterhorn class enjoy taking part in a Boogie Bounce session.

DT Projects – December 2017

Children in Colosseum class show their DT projects.

Tiempo Dance – November 2017

Key Stage 1 children enjoy taking part in a ‘Tiempo Dance’ workshop.

Road Safety Assembly – November 2017

Children in Key Stage 1 listen to a road safety assembly.

Poppy Making – November 2017

Ulurua class make their own poppies in the lead up to Remembrance Sunday.

Triennal Art Gallery – October 2017

Parents of children in the school come and view the school’s galleries that showcase some of the art work they produced during this project.

Triennal Art Work – October 2017

Photos from Colosseum class, including art triennal ship structures, homework models and their most recent launchpad.

Self-Defense – October 2017

Year 5 and 6 children take part in a self-defense workshop.

Squash Workshop – October 2017

Year 5 and 6 children take part in a squash workshop.

Toys Launchpad – October 2017

Yellowstone and Dragon Bridge class enjoy launching their new topic on ‘Toys’.

Indian Dance Workshop – October 2017

Pyramid and Uluru class enjoy taking part in an Indian Dance Workshop.

The Great British Bake Off – October 2017

Hollywood Class enjoy taking part in the whole school Great British Bake off competition.

Tea Party – October 2017

Children in Pyramid and Uluru class enjoy a tea party!

Cross Country – October 2017

Key Stage 2 children take part in some cross-country running.

Memorial Structures – October 2017

Colosseum class makes some structures as part of their DT topic.

Sibling’s Afternoon – October 2017

Photos from this year’s Sibling’s afternoon.

Yellowstone Class Learning – October 2017

Photos from Yellowstone Class from Term 1.

Triennial Art Trip – October 2017

Photos from a whole-school triennial art trip.

Uluru – First Few Days – September 2017

Children in Uluru enjoy learning and exploring in their new classroom!

The Great Hawkinge Bake Off – September 2017

Foundation Stage children enjoying making their own capital letter cakes.

Colosseum Launchpad – September 2017

Colosseum class launch their new topic by taking part in a treasure hunt.

Colosseum Teambuilding – September 2017

Colosseum class start the year by taking part in some teambuilding activities.

Hello Pyramid Class – September 2017

New children in Pyramid class enjoy spending their first few days as a Hawkinge Primary pupil!

Notre Dame Teambuilding Week – September 2017

Notre Dame class start the year by taking part in some teambuilding activities.