Spring 2016

Here are some photos of some of the wonderful things that took place at our school in Spring 2016!

90kg Rice Challenge – March 2016

Photos from the Year 5 and 6 90kg Rice Challenge project.

Cookery Club – March 2016

Photos from this half term’s Cookery Club.

Alpaca Printing – March 2016

Alpaca class create their own prints in the style of Aztec art.

Deep Sea Diver Visit – March 2016

Macaw class find out about what life is like for a deep sea diver.

Golf Workshop – March 2016

Coffee Bean class enjoy taking part in a golf workshop.

Hummingbird Launchpad – March 2016

Hummingbird class launch their new topic with a visit from a fire fighter.

Year 5 & 6 Launchpad – March 2016

Children in Year 5 & 6 make their own Chinese food, following instructions set during a Skype call.

Bug Hunt – February 2016

Key Stage 1 children launch their new topic by going on a Bug Hunt.

Pizza Making – February 2016

Flamingo class enjoy making their very own pizza!

Conservation Trust Visit – February 2016

Alpaca and Jaguar class enjoy a talk from Galapagos Conservation Trust.

Music Workshop – February 2016

Alpacas class take part in an Aztec themed musical workshop.

Pancake Day – February 2016

Macaw class celebrate Pancake Day!

Catch Fusion – February 2016

Coffee Bean class take part in a ‘Catch Fusion’ workshop.

Safer Internet Day – February 2016

Jaguar class celebrate Safer Internet Day.

Coffee Beans’ Tudor Houses – February 2016

Coffee Bean class make their own Tudor houses.

Rio’s Tudor Houses – February 2016

Rio class make their own Tudor houses.

Great Fire Pictures – January 2016

Rio class draw and paint pictures in the style of the Great Fire of London.

Chinese Lanterns – January 2016

Children in Foundation Stage make their own Chinese Lanterns.

Year 5 & 6 Launchpad – January 2016

Children in Upper Key Stage 2 enjoy a fun-packed day learning about the Romans.

Fire Of London Launchpad – January 2016

Coffee Bean and Rio class launch their new topic by creating their own version of The Great Fire of London.

Italian Mosaics – January 2016

Alpaca and Jaguar class launch their new topic by making Italian mosaics.

Dragon Dancing – January 2016

Hummingbird and Macaw class start their new topic by recreating a Dragon Dance.