Summer 2014

Here are some photos of some of the wonderful things that took place at our school in Summer 2014.

Year 6 Disco – July 2014

Year 6 children celebrate the end of their time at Hawkinge with a disco!

Let Loose! – July 2014

Children from year 6 perform their end of year production entitled ‘Let Loose!’

Mexican Food Tasting – July 2014

Elmer class enjoy tasting some traditional Mexican food as part of their topic ‘Down Mexican Way’.

Walter Tull Tournament – July 2014

Children from years 5 and 6 represent the school in the annual Walter Tull football tournament.

A Trip To The Beach – June 2014

Foundation Stage children enjoy a day out at the beach!

Wacky Races – June 2014

Year 6 pupils take part in a ‘Wacky Races’ Science and Engineering day with staff and students from The Harvey Grammar School.

Paralympic Roadshow – June 2014

Children across the school take part in a Paralympic Roadshow!

World Cup Tournament – June 2014

Photos from a World Cup tournament held in school!

Author Visit – June 2014

Children in the school enjoy a visit from author C. S. Clifford.

District Sports – June 2014

Key Stage 2 children take part in the annual district sports event at The Julie Rose Stadium in Ashford, competing in a variety of events, including sprinting, long distance running, javelin and long jump.

Down Mexico Way – June 2014

Children in Stripy Horse class make traditional hats as part of their ‘Down Mexico Way’ topic.

Year 6 Residential – June 2014

Year 6 children enjoy a fun-filled activity week!

Rainforest Rescue – June 2014

Moomin class launch their new topic, enjoying a ‘Bug Show’.

What’s Lurking Under The Sea? – June 2014

Corduroy class dress up to show what they think is lurking under the sea!

Year 2 Launchpad – June 2014

Elmer and Minpin class launch their new topic ‘Down Mexico Way’!

Reception Dentist Visit – June 2014

Children in Reception enjoy a visit to a dental practice!

Chris Cook – May 2014

Olympic Swimmer Chris Cook visits the school and gives talks to different classes!

Cricket – May 2014

Photos from a cricket coaching session and tournament.

Hythe Around The Houses – May 2014

Children from Hawkinge Primary School take part in the annual ‘Hythe Around The Houses’ run.

A Trip To The Woods – May 2014

Elmer class enjoying exploring the nearby woods.

Tri Golf – May 2014

Moomin class learn to play Tri Golf.

Pirate Fun – May 2014

Photos from Dumbledore and Moomin class’ recent topic; their launchpad, where they came to school dressed as pirates, DT making Pirate Ships, as well as painting bandanas!

The Heat Is On – May 2014

Children in Year 5 and 6 launch their new topic ‘The Heat Is On’ by trying to make their own volcano.

Key Stage 1 Launchpad – May 2014

Children in Years 1 and 2 enjoy and visit from an owl to begin their new topic.

Making Fruit Salad – May 2014

Paddington Class learn about healthy foods and make their own fruit salad!

Parachute Play – May 2014

Coudroy Class enjoy playing lots of different parachute games!