Spring 2013

Here are some photos of some of the wonderful things that took place at our school in Spring 2013!

Choir Performance – March 2013

The school’s choir take part in a musical performance at Harvey Grammar School.

Bug Roadshow – March 2013

Donaldson class enjoy learning about creepy crawlies in a ‘Bug Roadshow’!

Aboriginal Displays – March 2013

Photos from Year 3 and 4 display work based on their topic ‘Click Go The Shears’.

Red Nose Day – March 2013

Red Nose Day is celebrated in style with children turning the school into a sea of red!

World Maths Day – March 2013

Children across the school come to school dressed all mathematical to celebrate World Maths Day.

Science Museum – February 2013

Year 5 and 6 get their new topic, The Final Frontier, off to an exciting start by visiting the Science Museum in London.

Click Go The Shears – February 2013

Children in year 1 and 2 learn all about the didgeridoo, and other aspects of Australian culture, to launch their new topic.

Inkpen Landing Pad – February 2013

Inkpen pen showcase some of what they have learnt during their topic ‘Who Are The Famous People Inside My Book?’

Chinese New Year – February 2013

Children in the Foundation Stage learn all about the Chinese New Year celebrations.

Safer Internet Day 2013 – February 2013

As part of Safer Internet Day 2013 children learn how they can stay safe online!

Snowman Building – January 2013

Children across the school enjoy the snowy weather taking part in a snowman building competition!

Year 3 & 4 Launchpad – January 2013

Children in year 3 & 4 launch their new topic ‘Let’s Party’ by designing their own Rangoli Patterns.

Donaldson Dress Up Day – January 2013

Donaldson class enjoy coming to school in fancy dress!

Frozen Planet Launchpad – January 2013

Children in year 5 and 6 begin their new topic ‘Frozen Planet’!

Katie Morag Launchpad – January 2013

Key Stage 1 children launch their Spring Term topic based on Katie Morag!