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At Hawkinge Primary School, to promote a simple but effective system for online Remote Learning, we have decided to use the platform Seesaw for children to access learning in situations when their class has to close due to positive tests of Covid 19.

  • To read our Remote Learning Policy, please click here.

To ensure children are familiar with the platform from October 2020 we will be placing homework onto Seesaw and ask that children complete their homework on this platform, best preparing them ‘in case’ of class Remote Learning.

Parents can find out more about Seesaw by following this link: https://web.seesaw.me/

Seesaw is app-based technology which allows:

  • Teachers to find and create activities to share with students.
  • Students to use creative tools to take pictures, draw, record and more to capture learning in a portfolio.

In summary, children will have their own account and will be able to upload their learning/feedback through this account. Below are easy to follow HELP videos recorded by Miss Pearson to support you in posting work onto the platform.

Pupils may post a response to learning set by their teacher using the big green +Add button found on the journal page. They have options to take a photo, draw a picture, write a note, record a video, attach files or add an online link. Pupils may also respond to learning activities set in the Activities tab, responding at the bottom of the instruction page using the green +Add button in the same way as described above.

The system in our school has been set up centrally, ensuring appropriate accountability and safeguarding procedures are in place. Whilst each teacher will moderate and manage their respective classes on Seesaw, senior leaders have access and will maintain an overview of the whole school. As leaders of the school Mr O’Brien or I are the second teacher in every class page, enabling us to monitor all work posted (be it by children or staff) to ensure that it is being used appropriately.

Please do not use Seesaw as a means of communication with the teachers – this will not be checked regularly. Always use the enquiries@hawkinge.kent.sch.uk e mail address for such communications.

Seesaw Code of Conduct
In order to use Seesaw safely and effectively to support learning, please adhere to the follow:

  • Keep login details, including invite codes, private and secure.
  • Only allow the named individual to use each profile.
  • When making posts and comments, please do so politely and respectfully, in accordance with our school values and behaviour policy.
  • Keep comments relevant to the initial post they relate to – do not use the platform for general discussion about things unrelated to our school and the directed learning.
  • Check the suitability of posts before uploading, making sure it does not contain any personal information, such as your address or contact details. (Consider carefully what is in the background of any photo or video recording.)
  • Pupils should check permission with their parents before uploading documents/files.

How To Log In To Seesaw

How To Add Notes To Seesaw

How To Upload A Drawing To Seesaw

How To Upload A Picture To Seesaw