The Arts

Hawkinge Primary school values a broad and balanced curriculum most of which is taught in a themed based approach. These themes are cross curricular in nature and ensure provision for a wide range of arts each term.

Each year group work closely as a team to build an exciting offer for the Arts. Themes are reviewed on an annual basis ensuring each year group can personalise themes with greater relevance to the children. Within themes children have a range of opportunities to engage with practising artists, musicians, dancers and both story tellers, theatre groups and visiting art galleries.

In January 2019 we were awarded Artsmark Gold. The Arts Council made the following comments:

“Your commitment to the arts and the value on it are to be commended. Art runs very strongly through your whole curriculum design and is at the core of what we do. The use of arts to launch new curriculum themes is inspiring to your pupils. The many partnerships you have established are resulting in a high-quality enriched curriculum for your pupils.”

The school also engages with the local community in a range of arts from formal performances, to art and craft sessions and local competitive arts events along with parades and other show casing events such as the Folkestone Triennial. As a school we work closely with a local theatre The Quarterhouse, children have had the opportunity to showcase their own work in their gallery in Folkestone for parents and the public to come and view their artwork. This is something that has and will continue in the future because it was such a motivating and inspiring opportunity for the children. The school supports children’s music development through opportunities to work with a specialist music teacher learning keyboard, guitar and woodwind instruments.

“I loved the triennial trip and using our imagination to make our own boat.” Year 4 child

“I love Art, drawing is my favourite!” Year 1 child

“I loved the didgeridoo man and having a go myself.” Year 2 child

Our vision for the future is to continue to inspire and motivate children through The Arts.