Online Safety

The Internet has become an everyday part of children’s lives and brings with it new opportunities to communicate and handle information from across the globe. However, increased provision brings with it increased risk.

At Hawkinge Primary School we have a robust set of policies and practices in place to ensure that learners are safe. The use of the internet is an essential part of learning, as required by the National Curriculum. To enable pupils to access the internet safely we ask that both pupils and their parents/carers sign the school’s Acceptable Use Policy to show that our online safety rules have been understood and agreed.

Staff are trained in online safety issues and we educate pupils on how to keep themselves safe online and how to use new technologies responsibly. We have clear online safety rules which are prominently displayed throughout the school. Children will be taught how to use the internet responsibly and how to stay safe online. Internet safety will be incorporated throughout the curriculum, but will be particularly embedded within the I.C.T./P.S.H.E. curriculum. Pupils also participate in online safety awareness projects such as Anti-Bullying week and Safer Internet Day.

We aim to help parents understand online safety issues and risks and provide information on how parents can help keep their children stay safe on-line at home. Please view our policy/rules below and if you require further information on any ICT or online safety issue please contact:

Mr Paul O’Brien – Deputy Head (Online Safety Coordinator)

More information about internet safety can be found in the documents/websites below: