Cookery Pledge

At Hawkinge Primary School we believe strongly that to teach children to cook and develop the skills needed to cook is an essential life skill.

We are lucky enough to have our own cookery suite at school and children enjoy cookery as part of their school curriculum from cooking cakes and bread with support in EYFS to independently altering recipes to suit their own taste, following instructions and working out ingredient measurements using their knowledge of ratio and proportion in Year 6.

Below sets out the skills pupils will develop in each year group and the types of food pupils will learn to cook.

We also run parent and children cookery classes to share the love of cooking – look out for them being advertised.


Year GroupObjectivesCookery Examples
Early Years- Know that we need clean hands, before cooking.
- Name ingredients used in recipes.
- Ice a cake.
- Mix, whisk and sieve.
- Cook the vegetables we grow e.g. potatoes.
- Talk about changes when food is cooked e.g. colour, texture and smell.
Pupils will be supported in cooking the following foods:

Fairy cakes
Biscuits pancakes
Hash browns
Potato salad
Sweet and sour chicken Moon biscuits
Years 1 & 2- Chop vegetables with a knife.
- Grate and peel using a grater and vegetable peeler.
- Measure capacity in millilitres and litres.
- Grind spices.
- Mix ingredients.
- Spread butter.
- Knead and roll out dough.
- Read and follow a simple recipe.
- Recognise and name the ingredients and know their parts.
- Double a recipe.
- Weigh to the nearest 5g.
Pupils will prepare ingredients and cook the following foods with greater independence:

Making sandwiches
Growing the ingredients and making coleslaw with home grown veg
Years 3 & 4- Follow safety kitchen rules.
- Weigh ingredients accurately.
- Use a knife to safely cut a range of ingredients.
- Independently follow a recipe.
- Choose relevant ingredients.
- Evaluate a dish they have prepared.
- Design, prepare and evaluate a main meal.
- Grow an ingredient to cook.
- Prepare food in an hygienic environment before, during and after cooking.
Following recipes and under teacher input pupils will cook the following foods with greater independence and a small amount of support:

Years 5 & 6- Recognise Health and Safety elements in the kitchen.
- Measure ingredients accurately.
- Convert measurement from metric to imperial and vice versa.
- Use ratio to scale up/down recipes.
- Chop finely.
- Choose and prepare ingredients.
- Plan and grow our own food.
- Understanding seasoning and flavours.
- Chop finely.
- Adapt and create recipes, including adaption to suit individual’s palette.
- Use technical vocabulary e.g. simmers and reduces.
- Evaluate recipes.
- Preparing and understanding food that is well balanced and healthy.
- Understanding the concept of ‘Farm to Fork’, knowing where I food comes from.
- Being proactive when choosing equipment.
- Clearing away and washing up after they have finished cooking.
Pupils will cook the following recipes independently:

Chicken chow Mein
Mince pies
Savoury selection – sausage rolls, cheese straws

Pupils will cook the following, evaluate the recipe and write their own version of the recipe to suit their own taste:

Meat pies
Cakes – The Great Hawkinge Bake Off

Pupils will plant, care for, grow and harvest their own basic vegetables to make their own soup recipes based on the above.