The Jellicles

Hello! We are The Jellicles class and are in Year 5 and 6. Our teacher is Miss Dawe and our teaching assistant is Mr Andrews.

Our motto is:

“Jellicle class are kind and caring,
Jellicle class are friendly and fun,
Jellicle class support each other,
Jellicle class get the job done.”

To download our curriculum overviews for the school year, please click the links below:

Autumn A
Autumn B
Spring A
Spring B
Summer A
Summer B

To download some home-learning tasks, please click the links below:

Longitude & Latitude

To download our Social Stories, please click the links below.

Key Worker Children Continuing
Returning To School
Invited But Not Returning
Staying Home

To download files linked to the secondary school transition project, please click the link below.

Transition Project – Part 1
Transition Project – Part 2
Transition Project – Part 2 Video – Resilience – Premier League
Transition Project – Part 3
Transition Project – Part 4
Transition Project – Part 5
Transition Project – Part 6
Transition Project – Part 7
Transition Project – Part 8

To download the homework tasks for this half term, please click the link below:


To download the year 5 and 6 reading challenge list, please click the link below:

Year 5 & 6 Reading Challenge

To find out more about the Key Stage 2 SATs assessments, please click play on the video below.

To download the Year 5 & 6 Spelling List click the link below.

Year 5/6 Spelling List

Click on the link below to find out about the Key Stage 2 assessments.

Key Stage 1 & 2 Assessment Information

To read the parents’ guide to secondary school travel click the link below.

Parents’ Guide To Secondary School Travel