Family Support Worker & Learning Mentor


As part of the usual School support package, I work with children individually or in small groups to support their learning, promote good social skills, address issues around behaviour and provide emotional check-ins to help them cope during the School day. Every child has different needs and those needs can change over time or can be affected by whatever is going on for you as a family.

I work with parents, grandparents and carers to help families overcome any barriers to their children’s learning by providing advice and support when things are getting difficult. This can happen from time to time for all sorts of reasons and I hope you will feel comfortable approaching me for help around issues like health, bereavement, parenting skills, relationship breakdown, feeling included, moving onto Secondary or anything else you might be dealing with as a family.

We offer a wide range of parent workshops which you can book onto (see our Parent Learning page for an up to date list). I can also assist you with referrals to other services your family may need such as the Schools Health Service, Early Help, Paediatrician & many more.

You are welcome to come in for a chat about anything you are worried about or to answer any questions you might have about your child’s wellbeing.

If you would like to attend a workshop or arrange another time to meet for a chat, please contact me on the usual School number.

To download a calendar of Parental Workshops that are help in school during the academic year, please click here.

Feedback from our courses has been extremely positive. Here are just a few comments left by parents from previous sessions we have run:

Phonics: “I feel so much more confident to help my child now I know how she will be taught. I didn’t realise there was so much to it – would definitely recommend to other parents.”

E-Safety: The Impact of Screen Time On Young Minds: “Amazing workshop, very eye-opening, brilliant resources.”

Growth Mindset – Building Resilience: “Every parent should attend this workshop. I feel empowered to support my children to grow and can’t wait to get started. Lots of ideas and tools for everyday use.”

Better Sleep Workshop: “Thank you for all the ideas – It was nice to know other parents are in the same situation and to share strategies with each other.”

Supporting Your Child With Key Stage 1 Maths: “Very informative & helpful to know what our children are learning in school.”

Emotional Regulation: “Such a helpful workshop – Invaluable advice for the whole family. I will be working on some of these things myself.”

Anxiety – Helping Children To Cope: “Delivered in a friendly, easy to understand way. Lots of opportunities to ask questions and you are both so knowledgeable.”

Understanding the Key Stage 2 Maths Curriculum: “Really useful explanation of the key concepts and expectations of different stages for this age group.”

Keep Your Cool: A Behaviour Workshop: “This workshop has helped me so much – Not just how to deal with my daughter but learning about myself and us as a family and techniques we can all use.”

Ready For School: “So lovely to hear that you understand how nerve wracking this is for us as parents & explaining everything so we know what to expect and can help prepare them over the summer.”

Guided Reading: “Very informative, extremely useful workshop. A good insight into how it all works.”