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What parents of children who attend our school think about us

Here is a selection of comments from parents of children who attend our school.

The school is a warm and friendly environment where children always come first, learning is challenged and structures. The children are happy and safe, what more could a parent ask for?

I am so pleased this is our local school, the kids are excelling in their learning and enjoys after school clubs.

The reading records are AMAZING and encourage the children to read more.

Miss Ward and Mr O’Brien being outside is fantastic as it allows for really easy communication.

Thank you for your hard efforts and support over the years.

My Child has been supported, encouraged and cared for throughout his time at Hawkinge Primary School. We have been impressed with and grateful for the response from teachers and senior staff in response to difficulties he may have had. He has flourished because of this.

I love this school!

Hawkinge Primary School is an excellent school – my son has enjoyed 2 years, he is very sad to be leaving. An excellent environment for Armed Forces children. Thank you.

Miss Ward and Mr O’Brien are always approachable every morning come snow, rain or shine!

Brilliant, supportive & caring staff = happy kids who want to come to school!

My son is very happy at school – the atmosphere is very open and welcoming, and I feel able to speak to the class teacher, deputy or head at any time.

Your staff are helpful and many will bend over backwards to help – they are very supportive in stressful situations.

It is nice to see the older children are encouraged to be involved with the younger ones – at playtimes / sports days. It creates a nice, friendly atmosphere within the school.

My child learns more with the termly themes, making him enjoy the work more. I love hearing about his work – his enthusiasm is refreshing.

I really enjoy the landing pad assemblies.

The after school club activities are excellent – and everyone works SO hard!

Our son has had a brilliant first year at school. Staff and children have made us feel very welcome, we were especially pleased to see how well the older children interacted and supported the younger children at sports day.

I am very happy with every service provided by the school – it is a really good school, and I am pleased to be part of Hawkinge Primary School.

We have been particularly impressed by the teaching of reading, especially the quality of the phonics teaching.

Excellent community feeling and high profile celebration of achievements.

I feel the management and staff make HPS a wonderful and fulfilling environment for my daughter. I am extremely happy with the progress she has made and the encouragement she receives to reach her full potential.