Autumn 2012

Here are some photos of some of the wonderful things that took place at our school in Autumn 2012!

Walliams Christmas – December 2012

Photos from Walliams class Christmas celebrations.

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Eric Hill Christmas – December 2012

Photos from Eric Hill’s class Christmas celebrations.

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Heads, Shoulders, Knees & Toes – December 2012

Photos from Eric Hill class and their Autumn B topic.

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TV Chefs – December 2012

Eric Hill class complete their DT topic, where they become TV Chefs for the day, recording what they are making on video cameras.

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There’s No Business Like Showbusiness – December 2012

Pictures from Walliams’ class topic, where they used their knowledge of Electricity to light a stage

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Christmas Craft – December 2012

Children and their families enjoy a busy morning completing lots of seasonal activities!

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Superhero Day – November 2012

Year 3 and 4 children enjoy a day creating their own Superhero character with students from Canterbury Christ Church University!

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Diwali – November 2012

Children in Inkpen class celebrate Diwali!

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Children In Need – November 2012

Children across the school raise money for Children In Need by coming to school in spotty outfits!

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Sibling’s Afternoon – November 2012

Photos from our annual Sibling’s Afternoon, when new children in the Foundation Stage enjoy the company of their old siblings!

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Happy Halloween! – October 2012

Emily Gravett class celebrate halloween by decorating some biscuits!

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A Drop In The Ocean – October 2012

Children in David Walliams class create their own sea creatures using clay and mosaic tiles.

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Capital Letter Cakes – October 2012

Donaldson Class decorate a cake by writing the first letter of their name!

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A Drop In The Ocean – October 2012

Children in Malorie Blackman class create their own sea creatures using clay and mosaic tiles, and perform their Landing Pad assembly.

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Stories Of Old – October 2012

Eric Hill class enjoy learning through their topic ‘Stories of Old’, trying to make a tower for Rapunzel in their DT lessons and visiting Dover Castle!

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Fun With The Donaldson’s – October 2012

Children in the Donaldson class enjoy their first taste of school life, meeting headteacher Miss Ward, deputy head Mr O’Brien and explore their new classroom, including the different toys!

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New Playground Markings – October 2012

The school playground enjoys a makeover with a set of brand new playground markings for the children to enjoy!

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Kipling Class Sewing Wall Hangings – September 2012

As part of their DT learning Kipling class learn how to sew and make thier own wall hangings

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Dr Seuss Teambuilding Week – September 2012

Dr. Seuss class spend some time learning the importance of working together by taking part in a series of teambuilding exercises!

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