Learning Themes

The tables below outline our school themes for the last two academic years.  This table shows the learning themes for this academic year, 2016-2017.

Term 1Term 2Term 3Term 4Term 5Term 6
Foundation StageGetting to know Hawkinge Primary School.What shall we celebrate?What colour shall we wear?What shall I ask the farmer?Where can I plant the seeds?Are we nearly there yet?
Year 1 & 2Where in the world is Hawkinge?What is the weather like?How is India different?Where will the train take us?How is night different to day?What could you do at the seaside in the past?
Year 3 & 4What is in and around the UK?How deep is the ocean?Who were the Egyptians?What are the wonders of Africa?Who came after the dinosaurs?What happens when mother nature takes over?
Year 5 & 6What will the impact of Brexit be?What lessons can we learn from maritime disasters?How do events in America impact on the UK?Does the punishment always fit the crime?What is it like to live in Korea?How did the Viking invasion affect Britain?

This table shows the learning themes for the previous academic year, 2015-2016.

Term 1Term 2Term 3Term 4Term 5Term 6
Foundation StageHow do we begin?Why are these lights shining so brightly?Can you use chopsticks?Where does water come from?What lives in our cave?How can we be a winner?
Year 1 & 2What did the dinosaur eat?How do you make an apple pie?Why did the Fire of London spread?What’s hiding under the rock?How do animals survive?What is it like in Brazil?
Year 3 & 4What is under the canopy?How has the film industry changed over time?What does Italy have to offer?Who were the Aztecs?What is on our doorstep?Where did the Olympics come from?
Year 5 & 6How do we remember World War 2?Why do people go to the theatre?How did the Roman invasion change Britain?How has the Shang dynasty shaped modern China?What makes Britain ‘great’?Will the legacy of the Olympics be positive for Brazil?