Official Results & Reports

Below you will find two links to information about the school that you may find useful.  The first is the school’s latest Ofsted report, the second is a letter from Ofsted regarding the school’s interim assessment and the third link is the school’s latest Key Stage 2 SAT’s results.

Below are the progress scores Hawkinge Primary School (KS2 2015-2016)

  • Reading: 1.5
  • Writing: 3.8
  • Maths: 3.5

The table below shows the percentile distribution across the three subjects nationally.

Top 5%4.6 and above4.4 and above4.3 and above
Next 20%1.8 to 4.51.9 to 4.3 (Hawkinge 3.8)1.6 to 4.2 (Hawkinge 3.5)
Next 15%0.7 to 1.7 (Hawkinge 1.5)0.8 to 1.80.6 to 1.5
Middle 20%-0.6 to 0.6-0.5 to 0.7-0.6 to 0.5
Next 15%-1.6 to -0.7-1.6 to -0.6-1.6 to -0.7
Next 20%-4.0 to -1.7-4.8 to -1.7-4.0 to -1.7
Bottom 5%-4.1 and below-4.9 and below-4.1 and below

The table below shows the average scaled score per pupil.

Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling104104

The table below compares the attainment of our school to the attainment achieved nationally.

SubjectSchool ExpectedNational ExpectedSchool High ScoreNational High Score
Writing (TA)88%74%30%15%
Science (TA)97%81%N/AN/A
Reading, Writing & Maths (combined)67%53%6%5%

Further information about the school can be found on these two websites: