Diary Dates

Below is a list of important diary dates from September 2013 until July 2014.  To download the academic calendar as a PDF document click here.  To download the provisional academic calendar for the school year September 2014 as a PDF document click here.  To find out the term dates for the next three years click here.

2013 – 2014

Autumn Term 2013

Thursday 5th September – Start of term 1
Friday 25th October – End of term 1
Monday 4th November – Start of term 2
Friday 20th December – End of term 2

Spring Term 2014

Monday 6th January – Start of term 3
Friday 14th February – End of term 3
Monday 24th February – Start of term 4
Friday 4th April – End of term 4

Summer Term 2014

Tuesday 22nd April – Start of term 5
Monday 5th May – May Day Bank Holiday
Friday 23rd May – End of term 5
Monday 2nd June – Start of term 6
Wednesday 23rd July – End of term 6